We digitalization/transform  your production and push it in a new digital era. Industry 4.0, IoT, Smart Factory, everyone uses those buzzwords but without actually knowing what they mean when implementing them. With our experience we can guide you through the jungle of tools, providers, services and find the right concept and solution for you!

Smart Factory

Smart Factory Concepts are exiting and every production environment is a new challenge. We wat to make your challenge to a success story! For that we will focus on the benefits and goals we want to reach, because at the end the  investments you make in technology and improved manufacturing processes should deliver a return. The opportunities of digital solutions are significant, but the right choice of system providers and architecture is the important key to make the best of automation, machine-to-machine communication, manufacturing oversite and decision making.

Our Step-by-Step Guide

Our step-by-step guide is designed to break the complexity of implementing a digital production in your company. We want to bring all involved parties at one table and make the transition to your factory of the future as easy as possible.

Alignment of the right people

Your people that work daily with the current production system know best what improvements are possible.

Analysation of processes

We start analysing your manufacturing processes and asses the current system architecture and infrastructure.

Definition of quick wins

With quick wins we can establish first successes in the beginning of the project. We use this quick wins as direct input for the future system architecture.

Digitalization Concept

Based on the assessment and your requirements we create a scalable production concept that pushes you to the next level and founds the base for your future.

Finding the right technologies

Based on your needs and existing systems we find the right suppliers and systems for you. With our huge network of system providers we find your ideal combination.

Time for Implementation

Guiding the implementation and commissioning of the system is important and the most crucial and at the same time the most exiting part of the project.

Your benefits

What we want to achieve with you when working together on your factory of the future.